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Vulnerable Group Development (VGD)

Background The Vulnerable Group Development (VGD) program is the largest social safety net program of the Government of Bangladesh that exclusively targets ultra poor households. About 750,000 direct ultra-poor participants across the country receiving monthly food ration for the household and development support services (inclusive of life skills and income …

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Awareness Program

Besides the micro-credit and health program we are also providing awareness program to make awareness among the illiterate poor people about several social issues like dowry, polygamy, child marriage, mother child health care, birth control, nutrition, tree plantation, primary health care etc. By appointing an advocate we are trying to …

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Housing Project

Amount our few basic needs, housing in one of the most important needs. Even now 80% of the population of the country lives in the village and the housing situation of this poor population is very instable. Due to economic distress situation when most of the rural poor population is …

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Health Care Project

Mother and Child Health Care Project: SEBA has been working on Health, sanitation and Nutritional Program since inception of the organization During last 18 years, it has been implemented numbers of health and nutrition activities on mother & child health care, water & sanitation, family planning, HIV/AIDS prevention and free …

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Agricultural Development Program

Bangladesh is an agriculture based country 70% of the people are directly or indirectly is dependant on agriculture and 60% of the people are somehow engaged in agriculture labor become agricultural employed in considered as the last resort. Agriculture is the foundation of the country’s overall economy; even today good …

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Micro Credit Program

The villager’s poor people do not have savings nor they have any grantee and they are unable to repay their loans. Being influenced by this concept, within the current banking system when the banks are unwilling to provide loan to them. Then to help these unbootable poor people around the …

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