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Micro Credit Program


The villager’s poor people do not have savings nor they have any grantee and they are unable to repay their loans. Being influenced by this concept, within the current banking system when the banks are unwilling to provide loan to them. Then to help these uncountable poor people around the system of feel that until now among the various means that were used to alleviate poverty, micro-credit is the best way to come out of poverty. The role of micro-credit is indispensable in poverty alleviation by creating mass employment opportunity at the grass root level. Undoubtedly we can say that micro-credit is the best tool for poverty alleviation and for this reason micro-credit has left its boundary and is being successfully implemented in other part of the world. To improve the destitute and helpless population economically, SEBA form its inception with its own initiative introduced the micro-credit program keeping in minds the following objectives;

  • Organizing the rural and urban poor population and increasing their awareness and skills create employment and income opportunities.
  • Arranged loans on easy terms and conditions and without collateral
  • Empower women in the family and community through their socio-economic development
  • Save all the group members form the cruel moneylenders;
  • Creating capital through savings.
  • To increase incomes provide micro-credit
  • To create opportunities for additional income for the family.

Now SEBA has been implementing micro-credit program under 153 branch offices among 10870 Samitte formed by 243237 Members of 6029 villages under 1016 unions of 103 Upazilla and 17 District .

SEBA has implements micro credit in following categories

  • Rural & Urban Micro-credit
  • Micro Enterprise

Rural & Urban Micro-credit

Rural and Urban poor people who are engaged in milk cow & goat rearing, poultry rearing, vegetable cultivation, beef fattening, bamboo & cane furniture making, handicraft, tailoring, stitch & embroidery, small trade, fish culture and various income generating activities under the current banking systems are deprived of getting loans form the bank. We are organizing these types of people through group formation. Mainly the aim of this program is poverty alleviation and over & above to reduce poverty through providing capital to the rural & urban poor population utilizing their working ability, skill and use of local resources.

The objectives of this program are to-

  • Create capital through savings motivation of the target groups/peoples
  • Help in fulfilling food security
  • Save the target population form the extortion of the target lenders
  • Empower women in the family and community
  • Create employment and additional income source;

Micro Enterprise (ME)

To make the foundation of the rural economy strong, The objective of this program is to develop the primarily poverty reduced people and the vulnerable poor further economically by raising their enterprise, This program has been playing a vital role to improving village economy by creating employments which develop Socio-Economic condition reducing poverty. SEBA has been implementing micro-credit program for fund raising enterprise of those members who have become successful minimum 3 times using micro credit. The credit limit of micro enterprise (ME) is Tk. 76,000-10,000,00.00 and according to their project need.

The objectives of this program are to-

  • Is helpful in meeting the demands of the population
  • Innovation activities
  • Production orientated initiatives
  • Environment friendly
  • Empowerment creation