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Agricultural Development Program

Bangladesh is an agriculture based country 70% of the people are directly or indirectly is dependant on agriculture and 60% of the people are somehow engaged in agriculture labor become agricultural employed in considered as the last resort. Agriculture is the foundation of the country’s overall economy; even today good crop production brings joy and delights in rural agri-economy and keep moving the country overall economy. But we are negligence in agriculture, because unplanned construction of house, building industrial plants in agricultural land, less investment in agriculture sector, absence of smooth planning, environment pollution, unplanned use of chemical fertilizer and insecticide, soil infertility etc. have resulted into decreased soil fertility and subsequently decreased agriculture production day by day. This effect is not only observed in this country but all over the world. As a result in the country food shortage, social and political instability is being observed. That is why in poverty alleviation, creating employment opportunity and ensuring food security the role of agriculture is undisputable. With this aim SEBA is implementing agriculture development program its inception. So it is the objectives of this program to develop the production by using limited agricultural land and accordingly. SEBA has been implementing different agricultural activities among its members inspiring them to use modern technology like high yielding seed, balanced fertilizer, irrigation, integrated pest management, bio-agriculture, agro-forestry and to keep soil health etc. Thus we want to develop the farmer and farming. SEBA will provided agricultural loan like Fish cultivation, poultry, cow fattening, goat rearing, and nursery to their members for increasing their economically development.

Objectives of the program:

      • Organize the landless, marginal and small farmers in the working areas in groups.
      • With the assistance of local DAE, establish demonstration plots and make the farmers inquisitive
      • Increase crop production through necessary training and providing micro-credit as per need.
      • Increase crops diversification and intensification in the working area
      • Transferring agricultural technology
      • Improve the lifestyle of the farmers
      • Save the farmer from the money lenders extortion
      • Increase the income of the women, gender balance and improve dignity in the family and society