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Housing Project

Amount our few basic needs, housing in one of the most important needs. Even now 80% of the population of the country lives in the village and the housing situation of this poor population is very instable. Due to economic distress situation when most of the rural poor population is busy to arrange food, building a strong, health and permanent house is a dream for them. Apart from it, almost every year   their house are damaged by various natural calamities. Repairing or rebuilding the damaged house has become a regular phenomenon. As a result their economic development is being hampered SEBA realized the issue very deeply while working at the field level. Subsequently as a continuous effort to improve the housing problem, from 2007 with the support from Bangladesh Bank, SEBA has started this program in its working areas for the non-sheltered, poor and helpless families.

The objective of this program is to support in building a strong house for those group members who have no shelter or those who do not posses a strong house to live in. Under this program SEBA has disbursed Tk. 6.07 crore among 700 families for building appropriate strong house. Along with 6 months exemption period advantage, repayable in 5 years, repayment rate 100% under this program. This housing program has received appreciation form local elected persons, local elites and local government administration.