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Information Technology (IT) Department of SEBA

WELCOME TO THE INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (IT) DEPARTMENT OF SEBA SEBA have an Information Technology (IT) department that handles all the technological issues that arise. The Information Technology Department of SEBA Generally manages the technologies used by Head office, Zone Office, Area Office and Branch Office. IT Department also Manages E-mail …

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Human Resources Department (HRD)

WELCOME TO THE HUMAN RESOURCES DEPARTMENT OF SEBA Every body knows skilled human resources are almost important wealth of this county. Without skill human resource nothing was implemented properly and there were no any alternatives of skill human resources for overall development of the country. SEBA believes that when the …

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Program Implementation Department (PID)

WELCOME TO THE PROGRAM IMPLEMENTATION DEPARTMENT OF SEBA The Program Implementation Department is the nodal Department for all of development activities in the SEBA. Program Implementation Department function as a liaison body between all branches and the Head office. PID approve all matters relating to formulation of Annual Plan and …

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Accounts Department

WELCOME TO THE ACCOUNTS & FINANCE DEPARTMENT OF SEBA Background: Socio Economic Backing Association (SEBA) is a non-government, voluntary, non-profit development organization located at Tangail. It was registered with Directorate of Social Welfare, NGO Affairs Bureau and Micro Credit Regulatory Authority (MRA). The aim of the organization is to improve …

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Audit & Monitoring

WELCOME TO THE AUDIT & MONITORING DEPARTMENT OF SEBA SEBA establish an independent internal audit function to provide continuous review of the effectiveness of risk management, control, and governance processes. Internal audit does this by: Providing independent, unbiased assessment of the operations of all department of this organization. Key Person: …

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