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General Committee

SEBA has a General committee comprising of 25 members of different backgrounds like professor, teacher, businessman, social worker, advocate etc, who serve for the overall development of the organization in SEBA as volunteer. As per constitution, General Committee Assembly are held regularly regarding the development, progress of the organization and …

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Awareness Program

Besides the micro-credit and health program we are also providing awareness program to make awareness among the illiterate poor people about several social issues like dowry, polygamy, child marriage, mother child health care, birth control, nutrition, tree plantation, primary health care etc. By appointing an advocate we are trying to …

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Housing Project

Amount our few basic needs, housing in one of the most important needs. Even now 80% of the population of the country lives in the village and the housing situation of this poor population is very instable. Due to economic distress situation when most of the rural poor population is …

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