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About Us



To establish a happy and prosperous poverty free society.


SEBA spires for a society free from starvation, oppression and deprivation where every individual will live in peace and communal harmony by enjoying a rightful share of the resources belonging to the society through self-actualization and empowerment.


Provide micro finance program among the poor people for reducing poverty through giving technical and financial support

Objectives of the Organization

  1. Provide financial services for the poor people for their economic self-reliant through running savings and credit program.
  2. Increase mass awareness for keeping environmental balance.
  3. Provide income-generating activity for woman empowerment and development.
  4. Provide primary education for ensuring child education.
  5. Provide technical training for weavers’ development.
  6. Provide awareness activity about health for ensuring health rights.
  7. Take initiatives for socio-economic development of poor people through forming somitee at grass root level.
  8. Agricultural technology & training provide for sustainable agricultural.

Values of the organization

Every organization goes ahead with keeping their organizational values so the director and other senior staffs of this organization believe some values and trying to implement.

  1. Organizational sustainability.
  2. Somitee sustainability.
  3. Ensuring organizational good governance.
  4. Financial prudence (Cost covering principles of service delivery mechanism)
  5. Staff & Member’s empowerment and development.

Establishment & Legal status of the Organization

# Registering Authority Registration Number Registration Date
1. Social Welfare Department T-1033 Date: 16/06/1998
2. NGO Affairs Bureau 1931 Date: 11/05/2004
3. Microcredit Regulatory Authority (MRA) 01151-00141-00287 Date: 15/06/2008